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Suck my Balls


A ball acts as the object used by two bats in a competition. If the Ball gets knocked passed a bat 15 times, the bat has lost.

Pong Doubles

The ball plays the same roll as it does in the original.

Super Pong

The ball act like usuall but, moves faster. MUCH faster.


In here the ball gets knocked into any of the four players' goals.

Pong: The Next Level

The ball looks like anything from a soccer ball to a sphereical hockey puck here. It's used to score or get to certain ares.

Pong (mobile app)

It looks and acts exactly the same as the atari 2600 version.

Breakout Sub-Series


The ball is used to smash through various brick on the wall. Once all bricks are shattered, the game ends.

Super Breakout

The ball is used like it is in Breakout. An extra ball can be used, if broken out of it's chamber in the wall.

Breakout 2000

The game returned in fashion like that of Arkanoid. But this is about the ball. Which is basicly the same.

Breakout 3D

A ball named Coach Steel is here who trains the main bat protaganist, Bouncer & acts as the ball used to break the walls. Steel also helped Bouncer, attack the Mummy, wolf & others. He eventually helped Bouncer defeat Batnix.

Warlords Sub-Series


A Fireball launched by a dragon is used here, to damage opponents castles.

Warlords Remix

A graphicly enhanced version is launched in an Atari's Greatest hit's DS game, with the Fireball playing it's role.

Warlords Live

An online version of Warlords with 3D graphics on Xbox Live, which shows the infamous Fireball.

Warlords (2011)

An upcoming game. The Fireball will appear.

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